Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Welcome to Room 10 at Allenvale School

Thank-you for joining us! We are one of the amazing classes here at Allenvale. Our whole school is especially for students from the ages of 5 to 21 who have extraordinary learning needs. Our class has six students from the ages of 10 to 17. We focus on communication, social skill building, self-management and life skills. We have one teacher (that's me - Fiona), and two teacher assistants, Fay and Marg.

Here at Allenvale our core values are Belonging, Independence, Generosity and Success. We love to celebrate our learning. We are excited by little achievements as well as the giant ones. Our blog is for sharing our fun times, learning moments and achievements, and there might be some tips and good ideas along the way.

Not everyone in the class feels comfortable having their photo taken, so it can be very tricky to catch a brilliant photo of everyone every time I get the camera out. I'll be doing my best to make sure everyone has an opportunity to share what they are doing, but if our students prefer not to have their photo taken on a particular day, I will respect that. We can always write about our achievements, or share our creations instead.

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