Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Three Little Pigs at Bunnings

This week we visited Bunnings at Tower Junction. Our story of the week this week was The Three Little Pigs. We set out to have fun retelling the story with puppets and props.

On Monday we went on an outing to Bunnings to have a look at some of the building materials that the pigs could have used to build their houses.

Matthew was excited to see this kiwi light.

We found some little bales of straw in the garden department. It would cost a lot to make a house out of little bales of straw. The pigs would get a better deal buying big ones from a farm feed supplier. Juliette and Sam had a good look at the straw. 

The small bales of straw are a handy size. Matthew tucked one under his arm and Tobias checked it out to see what it felt like. 

When we went outside we found some wood that could be used to make a house. 

Then we looked for something stronger. Bricks are much better for keeping Mr Wolf out!
 Bricks are very hard and heavy. They would make a very strong house that wouldn't blow away when Mr Wolf huffed and puffed.

We thought Bunnings was a very good place for the Three Little Pigs to visit to find building materials. While we were there we bought some plants for the tiny garden outside of our classroom.

Caleb, Tobias, Samantha, Juliette and Matthew were brilliant to take out to Bunnings. They were a credit to Allenvale School with their excellent behaviour. It was lovely to get lots of smiles from members of the public. Well done everyone!

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